Our Neighborhood

Blocks away from the mythical St. Charles and Magazine Streets. Visit some of the best food, dancing and night-life in the city.
With hot-spots like Tipitinas, Ms. Mae’s, and Freret minutes away, it’s hard to have a bad time. Catch a bus to the quarter for added fun!


We have sturdy locks, peep-holes on doors, window blinds, a gated yard, and the area is well-lit at night. Motion-activated cameras are installed at sensitive locations. Someone is always on-premises to respond to emergencies, should one occur.


Bring the pup with you on your vacation, with a spacious backyard for you to hang out in, and the Audobon Park 20 minutes away.
Bring your furry friend on your adventure, with plenty of pet friendly activities in the area and a beautiful neighborhood to walk in.

Who we are

StarBike is a motorcycle friendly short-term rental in Uptown New Orleans. Our location is a great spot for vacations, events, or as a comfortable place to stop during travel. The property is walking distance from Magazine St., a popular tourist spot with miles of restaurants, bars and retail shops. I love it! Riders welcome!

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StarBike Nola Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of our courtyard & compound of short-term rentals in Uptown New Orleans. Safe, secure, and motorcycle friendly.   Google tour created by JStephenYoung.com
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StarBike – Proud Sponsor of Moteaux Show New Orleans – Sat. 11/4/17

We are so proud to be sponsors of this year’s Big Sleazy Inc Moteaux Show! Absolutely one of the coolest yearly events in New Orleans and…

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